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Company Profile

Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited is a vital force in the economy of western Newfoundland. Construction of the mill began in 1923 with the first paper produced in 1925.  It was then incorporated in 1927 as the International Paper Company of Newfoundland Limited and was acquired by Bowater Corporation in 1938.  The company became part of the Kruger organization in December of 1984, at which time it adopted its present name.

CBPP Woodlands employs 600 employees in their harvest and silvculture operations in almost 50 Newfoundland communities. The Company employs another 700 people at the mill in Corner Brook and the Deer Lake Power Company.

Corner Brook Pulp and Paper  manages over 2 million hectares ( 5 million acres) of forest land on the Island of Newfoundland   These timber limits span from the Codroy Valley on the southwest corner of the island, to Plum Point on the Northern  Peninsula, and east to Gander in central Newfoundland. 

Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Timber LimitsOf the 2 million hectares of total land area, only 930,000 hectares are forested.  The remainder of the land is bog, barren, water and scrub land.  We will actually harvest only 37% of the area we manage.   Of the 930,000 hectares of forest, approximately 750,000 hectares produce timber for the mill – the rest is in environmental reserves or isolated, steep inaccessible areas.

Mission Statement

The mission of Corner Brook Pulp and Paper is to provide our customers with products and services that continually fulfill their expectations.  This is achieved by all employees optimizing the quality of each action that takes place in the business of buying, producing, selling and servicing our products – all within a safe work environment that encourages personal development and satisfaction.

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Tiền thân Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited là một tổ chức chuyên về xây dựng sản xuất canh tác trên các đất rừng và nông nghiệp, đất ở chúng tôi là công ty thi công xây dựng. Nhưng vào năm 2023 sẽ chuyển hướng sang làm nội dung về xổ số, thể thao, nhà cái, cá cược.

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Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Ltd.
P.O. Box 2001
1Mill Rd
Corner Brook, Newfoundland
A2H 6J4

Tel.: 709-637-3104
Fax: 709-637-3469

For any paper inquiries please contact:
Kruger Inc.
Publication Papers – Sales
Tel: 514 737-1131
FAX: 514 343-3124