The Forest Management Operation Manual (FMOM) provides an overview of the policies, environmental standards and forest operations of Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Woodlands.  While it was written primarily as a guide for our field supervisors and staff involved in planning, harvesting, road construction, and silviculture, we hope it will also serve as a valuable reference for persons who want to know more about our Company and how we manage our operations.

The FMOM document is comprised of 12 sections:

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  1. Introduction
  2. Commitment
  3. Environmental Management
  4. Health, Safety, and Training
  5. Forest Management Planning
  6. Forest Access Road Development
  7. Harvesting
  8. Fibre Control
  9. Silviculture
  10. Forest Protection
  1. Appendices:     Appendix 1 – Glossary

The practices presented in this document shall be the standard for all aspects of Company and Company contract operations undertaken on Company timberlands.  Variations and deviations from these standard practices can and will occur due to regional and site specific conditions.  Where modifications to these practices occur, alternate criteria will be developed by trained and experienced planning and operations staff with input and approval from the Newfoundland Forest Service.

Critical to the successful implementation of the FMOM will be the training through workshops and seminars held with Company employees and Company Contractors who conduct road development, harvesting and silviculture activities.   Ultimately, it is these individuals who will implement these practices and activities at the field level.

Periodic review and revisions of this document will occur as required in order to reflect changes in our standard operating practices.