Proposed Five Year Plans – District 05, 06, 09 & 16

CBPPL is currently developing new Five Year Plans (2017 – 2021) in Forest Management Districts (Fmd) 05, 06, 06 & 16.

The development of these Sustainable Forest Management Plans follow an adaptive management approach which allows input from all stakeholders.  To seek input from the general public, CBPPL has posted the draft Five Year Plan operating area maps below for review.

Please take the time to review the District maps which are grouped by Fmd. Each map depicts the broad operating area boundary with a “Black Line”, while the proposed harvest blocks are highlighted in “Red”.  The map legend describes additional detail.

To provide feedback, raise issues, or request further information regarding these Five Year Plans, please contact Barry Elkins (Planning & Development Superintendent) at 709-637-3445 or email at

Thank you for participating in this phase of the planning process.


Click the tabs below to view each district.

+ District 05
+ District 06
+ District 09
+ District 16